I am addicted to you - FASHION WEEK KIDS CLOTHES 1




Everybodys are familiar that children need form. It’s a rule that handle as much to kids making the usual rounds €”pre-school, playground, Starbucks (for a marshmallow dream bar or two) €”as it does to the children of world-famous celebrities, many of them without doubt will be at the shows in New York City this week.Vivian Brady, North West, Harper Beckham, Mia Isis, Alia Wang, Blue Ivy, and Penelope Disick are fast becoming stars of the front row, which suggests the question: What exactly does a day in the life of Fashion Week look like for stylish little ones?Followed by the paparazzi stares, these toddlers need more than shades to keep their cool; whole outfit changes are called for, in fact. Backstage is their playground: a place for half-pints to kick back and enjoy a little spoiling. And, given that their every move is recorded on Instagram, there’s no room for baby steps in the wardrobe section. Therefore our nearby kid’s durabilityl guide to New York Fashion Week. From sunup to bedtime, and back in the crib €”we’ve got you provided.