Fashion trends 2016

Fashion Trends 2016 That Will Rule In This Year

Every woman who is trendy and follows fashion is aware that a woman must know the latest fashion trends 2016!  We must, now and then, peek into the future and prepare ourselves for the fashion challenge of New Year! Let us see some of the fashion trends  that will rule in the year 2016. We are sure that every one of you girls, out there, will find something interesting for her!



Fashion trends 2016  Flared Denim

This is something that apparently never goes out of fashion. Very popular high waist and wide-leg denim can be a perfect piece of clothes for different combinations. Their retro, casual style can make quite a difference in your outfit choice. Go for it!

fashion trends 2016 Flared Denim


Fashion trends 2016  Bell sleeves

This is also something that was popular a couple of years ago and the time of bell sleeves has come again! These sleeves are perfect for your elegant style and for the chick, charming combinations for dates or cocktail parties.

Fashion trends 2016 Bell sleeves


Fashion trends 2016  Slide sandals

For your perfect pedicure and shiny polished nails, what can be a better solution then slide sandals! Reveal all your beauty from head to toes! This will certainly be trendy in 2016.

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Fashion trends 2016  Teddy Bear ‘Fur’

This is the right fur for the girls that like the fur appearance but don’t want real animals to get hurt. This is trendy and humane at the same time, and you can enjoy it without remorse!

fashion trends 2016 Teddy Bear Fur



Fashion trends 2016 Shoulder Cutouts

Shoulder cutouts are simply ‘must have’ these days. Every designer had this trend on the models on the runway this season. With these fashion trends, you can be classy and elegant.

Fashion trends 2016 Shoulder Cutouts



Fashion trends 2016  Skinny scarves

There is nothing so powerful as the scarf, the reign among the fashion accessories! You can do magic with the scarf details. For 2016, fashion trends that will rule the scene include skinny scarves. Pick your own and be trendy!

Fashion trends 2016 Skinny scarves



Fashion trends 2016  Mini bags

Mini bags are among the fashion trends for 2016! No more bulky and heavy bags, these bags will be just what you need!

Fashion trends 2016 Mini bags



Fashion trends 2016  Long-sleeved maxi dresses

For those of us who constantly feel cold, this is a perfect solution! These dresses can be just about anything, from elegant to casual, just pick the model you like, because fashion trends 2016 include long-sleeved maxi dresses.

Fashion trends 2016 Long-sleeved maxi dresses