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I am addicted to you - Fall 2016 wedding mania 1

Fall 2016 wedding mania


Ever face the embarrassment of being overdressed or underdressed at a wedding? No? LUCKY. Yes?  We feel you. Nobody wants to face that humiliation. Dressing appropriately for a wedding is a tricky business, because past the clear don’t-wear-white policy, there are other matters to consider.

Too bright? Too tedious? Too flashy? These are just some of the questions we all must answer before buying the perfect dress. Here we’ve complied 27 of our much loved dresses that you can wear to any Fall  wedding. Imagine strong autumnal hues, elegant prints, and something for everyone, from the church wedding  to your most ceremonial of nuptials.

As we prep for some chillier weather you would have to be careful and make sure to total your look with the precise coat or jacket. Keep in mind that nothing looks poorer than coupling a puffer with a black evening gown! Just scroll to shop our picks, and be the best-dressed guest at any wedding, no contest.