Oculus Rift

Facebook Started Shipping Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headsets

Oculus, the virtual company best known for its Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets finally started shipping their long and impatiently awaited product – about two years after the company was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion.

Oculus Rift


Released on 28 March and sent to the earliest investors in the fundraising campaign for the product development, started in 2012, Oculus Rift became the first one to kick-start the consumer-targeted VR headsets.

When the social media giant, Facebook, bought Oculus VR, Mark Zuckerberg explained that he saw the next big computing platform in virtual reality, and the headset that enabled its users to enter a totally realistic computer-generated environment was the future – enabling people to experience the impossible.

Oculus Rift



Oculus Rift – the incredible technological innovation that lets you experience the things far away right from your chair


Oculus Rift VR headsets let you participate in a game, in a movie scene or be in a place somewhere far away without leaving your home. This incredible technology removes the actual distance by making you feel like you’re actually present in some other place or situation, with other people. People who have already tried it say that it’s like nothing else they’ve seen before.

Oculus Rift


The Oculus Rift headsets feature a microphone, sensor, Oculus remote and integrated headphones with a 3D audio effect and both positional and rotational tracking. The positional tracking system, named ”Constellation”, is carried out by a USB IR LED sensor placed on the user’s desk, creating the 3D space by pinpointing the room with LED and infrared lights. This enables the user to use Oculus Rift while standing, sitting or walking through the room.

And even though the initial Oculus Rift customers are most likely to be passionate gamers and technology fanatics, Oculus is planning to extend their technology over time – on to new industries such as education, communications, media and entertainment.