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The Simpsons character Marge painted on real person Alexander Khokhlov

Face Painting Characters On Real Person Which You Must See

Face Painting Characters On Real Person Which You Must See. We’ve all heard of the Simpsons, haven’t we!?  The American best animated sitcom that lasts for more then 25 years! We’ve been entertained by Matt Groening’s characters for decades, laughing at the funny situations of Bart, Maggie, and Lisa. And Homer is quite a unique character, funny chubby guy always ready to enjoy the hedonistic American life.

The Simpsons character Marge portrays stereotypical American housewife and mother. Although her family is dysfunctional, she always manage to show her love and affection for her loved ones.

Simpsons Character Face Painting

Face Painting Characters On Real Person Which You Must See


The Simpsons use specific type of humor and cover various cultural references so all members of society can find entertainment in this popular show.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and Makeup Artist Veronica Ershova decided to play with the Simpsons characters in the amazing way-by painting one of them, Marge, on the real person! You can see with how much realism this was all done. The Makeup Artist Veronica used the yellow color for Marge’s skin and painted with white her big eyes.

She used flowers to make Marge’s unique hair.

In the gallery below you can find more amazing work of those two artists and some of the incredible pieces of modern art. They succeeded in portraying pixels on the human skin or a surface of a diamond and his polished structures on a girl’s face.

Some of the incredibly imaginative masks depict the corset outfit on a face of a woman or a mystic shadowing of white and black color creating an optical illusion of viewing the face from up front and from the side face.

Alexander Khokhlov discovered photography in 2007. On the second picture in the gallery you can see the picture from the series “2D or Not 2D“,  which is unique in portraying human faces as two dimensional paintings. For this series, he was working with one of the best Russian makeup Artists Valeriya Kutsan and they used various techniques like pixelation, collage, cartoon outlines…

Alexander Khokhlov didn’t follow the Russian mainstream in his photography, but rather turning to the fashion and beauty photography which is not so popular in Russia.

His main motto is “Believe that you are cool”. Not only had he believed that he had been cool, he ended up in publications all over the world. Enjoy his art!