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face Pack For Unwanted Hair


we at FаshiоnLаdy, here there are a few hacks our clutch, which can help to reduce the number of unwanted hair on the face, and that the best way? Of course! We are going to share with you some home made face pack for unwanted hair. These are simple, pocket Friendly Recipes will help you to permanently remove the hair from the surface in contrast with the multi-threading, waxing or using tweezers. Most of the ingredients you can communicate with the kitchen – simple, natural and safe!


The honey and lemon



We are all well aware, the witness and the purification of nature of lemon is consumed in the country or outside it. On the other hand the honey moisturizes the skin, gas hydrates and softens your hair on the face.

Apply a part of lemon juice with four parties of honey, carefully applied to the surface and leave to stand for 15 to 20 minutes. After the mask is narrowed, remove it with a damp cloth using a cloth soaked in hot water. To do this three times per week, at least a month to see the results.


 Green flour and turmeric



green gram-gram of flour have been used to remove the hair of the ancient. It allows you to loosen the tiny hairs on its roots in combination with turmeric during the spreading and are faced with service pack updates, so they can easily fall. Grаmflоur also hamper the growth of the hair, so that, even if your hair falls for a long period of time, to grow, unlike the case of wax or the shaver.

2 CT. l. Of grаmflоur when mixed with a half tablespoons of turmeric and ½crush the garlic rose-water allows you to lighten the complexion and the feed of the interior, if you do not take it easy epilation. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes burns, do not prevent the formation of ingrown hairs and skin rashes are not! The application of the insert mentioned above, and to wait for his, dry brush off. For best results.


Chickpea Flour



Three types of regional products from the Middle East the flour , theflour gram flour green three types of regional products from the Middle East as well as the withdrawal of the tiny hairs right from their roots. In addition to prohibiting any new growth of hair, the next recipe heal also, stimulates the skin and gas hydrates.

To prepare, in this face pack for unwanted hair by mixing 2ct. l. Three types of food products from the Middle East and of the flour, 3/4 c. tea ground turmeric, 1 (T h. l. The milk powder and 1 tbsp of fresh cream. Make a dough thick and apply evenly. Leave for 20 minutes, and then mix with a soft cloth dampened with water. As I am sure he is not in a single day, the misfortune, but after its religious during the month can show you with significant results.


Papaya Turmeric Paste



raw papaya contains an enzyme active is called pаpаin. This enzyme has the responsibility to prevent the growth of hair and has also the possibility to dismantle your hair follicles. Paste in the grated and teaspoon of turmeric raw papaya can be effective to eliminate the unwanted hair to never. Turmeric is another active ingredient is used for several centuries now for effective hair removal. Despite the fact that the process will take more time than shaving or waxing the hair grow.