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I am addicted to you - Eye Makeup tips for Big Eyes 8

Eye Makeup tips for Big Eyes


If you are one of those lucky people with big, beautiful round eyes €“ you owe it to yourself to always make the best of them with proper cosmetic products. Nothing makes the face as pretty as big round clear eyes, and we are here to help you complement them ideally with proper makeup!


First and foremost, you have to properly groom your eyebrows. Being tidy is key here. They arch over your eyes and in many ways define how people view them. Pair of unruly and bushy eyebrows can ruin the look of even the loveliest big eyed person. So take your pincer and pluck them until you look in the mirror and see the true beauty of those wonderful eyes!


Work and life can be tiresome, and as a consequence, we often get wrinkles, black bags under the eyes and unpleasant puffiness. Luckily, there are a number of fine concealers to cover them up €“ use it often and in large portions. Area around your eyes should be clear in order to prep for proper eye makeup.


Eye shadow is crucial, but we will get to it in a bit. Before doing anything with it, make sure to highlight your brow bones. White eye shadow is ideal for this purpose; it will increase the shine of your eyes and provide a perfect canvas for multiple cosmetic products aimed to make your eyes look like stars in the sky.


Choosing the right shade of shadow is always tricky. If you have large beautiful eyes we do advice using darker tones. They draw attention from anything that is not your eyes and make them look regal.


Lastly, your eye lashes. Long eyelashes in combination with large eyes are fairytale material, and your will only increase the effect by curling them upwards.