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Extremely Strange Things Girls Do When They Are Alone at Home

Strange Things Girls Do When They Are Alone at Home

The Sneaky Snacker

€œWhen I’m relaxing at home, I make myself the weirdest snacks. My most recent favorite is to buy a package of Mini Oreos, put them in a bowl, melt them in the microwave and then spread cool whip on top. € €” Monica, 29

The Harmonizer

€œI record myself singing on my iPhone. Then, I press play and synchronize with myself again, and again, and again. € €” Brittany, 22

The Food  Accumulator

€œEvery Sunday, I yearn for food from three different restaurants in my neighborhood, and I feel obligated to drive to all three and get three different meals to please myself. € €” Chelsea,  31

The Cereal Cooler

€œI love ice-cold cereal, so I pour myself a bowl, and put several ice cubes in it. I could eat bowls and bowls of it. € €” Ashley, 23

The Chocolate Gremlin

€œI eat a tiny square of a chocolate bar, and I put the rest of it back in the cupboard. Then, I get another square five minutes later, and put the rest back.. € — Alaina, 26

The Copy Cat

€œI often binge-watch Netflix and/or my recordings for over six straight hours, and sometimes, I’ll pause a movie or TV show to act out a scene (especially musical scenes). € €”  Allison, 27

The Honey Junkie

€œI try to keep unhealthy food out of my house, but sometimes when I’m at home, I crave sugar really badly. I’ve been known to stand in the kitchen in my sweat pants, eating honey by the spoonful straight out of the jar like a junkie getting her fix. I’m not proud of this. €- Denise, 29