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extravagant eyewear trends

10 Most Extravagant Eyewear Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

The extravagant eyewear trends for the sunny days of 2016 are true art! Designers have proved to be very creative once again, combining various shapes and patterns to come up with the most extravagant eyewear trends, that are just too easy to fall in love with.

This year’s incredibly unique, extravagant eyewear trends will provide you with the glasses that will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but will also very likely make many other eyes envious. The glamorous eyewear for the spring and summer of 2016 is both, functional and aesthetic, with its fabulous designs that are guaranteed to be the most stylish accessory to any outfit you wear.

The most represented styles within the extravagant eyewear trends for 2016 can be divided into 10 following forms:


#1 Oversized sunglasses

The bigger, the better.

extravagant eyewear trends


#2 Cat eye sunglasses

The cat eye shaped frames combined with the round form are one of the most popular styles between the extravagant eyewear trends for spring and summer 2016.

extravagant eyewear trends


#3 Unconventional geometric sunglasses

Geometric shapes are a great choice for everyone fancying a futuristic look.


#4 Aviator style

Aviator sunglasses are back and they look more stylish than ever!

extravagant eyewear trends


#5 Intriguing details

The beauty is in the detail – and detailed sunglasses. Never mind the form, color and design – because it’s the extraordinary, bold embellishments that make the sunglasses trends for spring and summer so unique and desirable.

extravagant eyewear trends


#6 Odd lens shapes

Choose weird edges and funky attention-magnet frames for an outstanding, out-of-this-world look.

extravagant eyewear trends


#7 Irregular square shaped sunglasses

Square shaped glasses seen on this year’s runways are simply gorgeous and can be perfectly blended into a dressing style of a confident, modern woman.

extravagant eyewear trends


#8 Dark lenses

While the colorful lenses may be pretty chic, dark lenses are the most effective when it comes to protecting your eyes from the bright sun glare.

extravagant eyewear trends


#9 Creatively framed clear lenses

For everyone familiar with the troubles of having to wear eyeglasses, this year’s eyewear trends are a real delight.

extravagant eyewear trends


#10 Gold, glittery frames

After seeing the oversized, gold shimmering frames – we truly can’t ask for more.

extravagant eyewear trends