The Most Expensive Lipstick in The World

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Lipstick is something every woman has. Actually for most women it is unthinkable to go out without it. It is a main thing in each cosmetic bag. Of course among other things since women adore makeup and many do feel naked without a makeup. Lipsticks come in different shapes and colors and, of course, in different costs. It is very interesting how much woman is ready to spend on a makeup. Some will try to find cheap items and some don’t think about the cost at all. But where is the limit?

Is it really necessary to spend a lot of money on a makeup? It is important to buy quality products because you must take care of your skin but is it necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a single thing?


While doing a research we came across the most expensive lipstick in the world




Do you have any idea how much it might cost? Here is the big booom!  It costs $62000! And we are talking about  Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds. We believe there is no person in the world that would not ask now, why!? What is in it that it is so expensive? This lipstick is made of 18 karat gold and it is studded with 199 beautifully sparking diamonds. It comes in 15 shades.


Are you ready to give that much money just for a lipstick? Probably not, but it is good to know that it exists. In case you get it as a gift, well, nothing more should be said. You know how much you are worthy to a specific person!

But if we think about this, there is no point to spend that much. With that money you can do a lot of things and there are still quality lipsticks that cost way less and have a reasonable price.