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5 Most Expensive Haircuts of Celebrities- Seriously Too Much!!

Expensive haircuts are part of every person’s life, women and men. How your hair looks like talks a lot about you and how much you care about your image. So, paying good money for a perfect haircut is recommendable, but where is the limit?

It seems that some people don’t have a limit nor they care about money. Because if we think logically, what could be done or paid with that money? How many hungry people would be taken care of? Unfortunately, some celebrities don’t think like that.


Here are 5 most expensive haircuts that this celebrities have no problem to pay:


1- Anne Hathaway: $8 Million

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2- John Paul Dejoria: $40,000

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3- Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah: $31,000

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4- Beverley Lateo: $16,000

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5- David Beckham: $6,000

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