Which 10 Most Expensive Cars Are Owned By Celebrities

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Cars are very precious to us, especially if they are expensive. No one wants to destroy costly car. There are so many models of cars in the world but now we will focus on celebrities and which ones  they own. Most of the celebrities have expensive car, even though there are still famous people out there that don’t care a lot about what they drive.

This post is not about them. Here we present most expensive cars in the world and lots of celebrities have them. They didn’t have problem to give extra money for their “pet”. Well, not extra, A LOT of extra money. Most of us can only watch and enjoy looking at these photos.


We are presenting you 10 most expensive cars owned by celebrities:


1- Simon Cowell-Bugatti Veyron


2- Rick Ross-Maybach


3- Kanye West-Lamborghini


4- Jerry Seinfeld-Porche 959


5- Jay Z-Maybach


6- Jay Leno-Mercedes SLR


7- David Beckham-Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead


8- Nicolas Cage-Ferrari


9- Flo Rida-Bugatti Veyron “gold”


10- Birdman-Bugatti