exercises that burn the most calories

5 Exercises that burn the most calories for fast results

When we face the mirror, our worst enemy, the next thing that can be heard is “I am on a diet from tomorrow”. For every struggling girl out there, we bring exercises that burn the most calories and bring fast results! Because we know, the spring is close and the winter left a mark on all of us. All those nights we were left alone with cookies…well, those were the days!

But now, we have to face these few extra pounds that became our nightmare. It seems that our wardrobe is not ours anymore! Whatever we choose to wear, it seems like it shrank a little bit. It’s time for us to move and get our bodies in shape!

Exercises that burn the most calories


1. Cycling

Cycling is an incredible exercise and one of the best cardio workouts. An hour of cycling at maximum intensity will bring the amazing results: for a woman of an average weight (about 160 pounds) the number of calories spent on this activity is 850 calories! Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Jumping rope

It seems like an exercise for children, but in fact, it is a quite serious activity that burns up to 750 calories per hour! And besides that, it’s so much fun and you can do it outside, on the fresh air! So, get that jump rope and start! You’ll see the results real soon!

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the safest and most productive exercising activities that will burn 720 calories per hour. It is recommended for any age and especially to people who have back problems and who suffered back injuries. Since our joints are not under the pressure when we are in the water, this exercise is safe for the younger and for the older people.

4. Aerobics

Good, old aerobics! Exercise that will help you burn 680 calories per hour. The good side effects of this physical activity are cellulite-free thighs, firm muscles and gorgeous abs! Perfect!

5. Zumba

Zumba is great! Not only it is a super fun but it burns calories fast – from 400 to 700 calories per one-hour session! And you have the opportunity to learn all those dance moves and have an exercise that is not boring at all!

So, girls, be healthy, be fit and move your bodies for better looks!