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Blackout Tattoo Trend

6 Wow Examples Of Blackout Tattoo Trend That Has Opinions Divided

The newest blackout tattoo trend that is getting increasingly popular in Singapore is a concept that we are not sure what to really think about. The tattoo artists really took inking far this time – creating some of the most complexed, most intense and most stunning skin artworks.

We must admit that while it is pretty stunning and even tempting, the blackout tattoo trend with its unique artwork that looks almost unreal, is at the same time quite scary and requires both strong passion and major dedication.


Check out the striking blackout tattoo trend – body art for the bravest


Blackout tattoo trend involves painting large portions of the body into solid black – which takes a lot of skill and patience from the tattoo artist and a huge commitment of the customer.

The trend has been inspired by the ancient tribal sacred marking, and today is used both as a form of inking art and a cover-up method (for the existing tattoos you would otherwise want to remove).

In many cases, legs and arms are entirely covered in black ink, and some people have their whole chests, bellies, backs, and even entire bodies blacked out.

Having the big parts of our bodies tattooed is painful enough to even think about it, however, we can’t deny that the outcomes of the blackout tattoo trend spreading rapidly all over the internet are incomparably spectacular.

Scroll down to have your mind blown by some of the most extreme examples of the blackout tattoo trend.


1- The amazing neo-tribal look

Blackout Tattoo Trend


2- The chest piece by the tattoo artist Chester Lee that took about 20 hours to be made

Blackout Tattoo Trend


3- Who needs leggings?!

Blackout Tattoo Trend


4- Insane or beautiful?

Blackout Tattoo Trend


5- A whole arm cover-up

Blackout Tattoo Trend


6- While pretty scary, it’s undeniable that the blackout tattoo trend produces some amazing artwork

Blackout Tattoo Trend

While pretty scary, it’s undeniable that the blackout tattoo trend produces some amazing artwork