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Evolution of Khloe Kardashian’s sexy look

As Amy Schumer pointed out recently in her humorous opening monologue on Saturday Night live, Kardashian-Jenner clan members certainly do have a tendency to rapidly change their appearance. Not only does it happen often, but the change itself is so big at times that it leaves us with our jaw on the floor. Khloe in particular has a tendency to play around with her looks and incorporate new things often. Here we will use her Instagram account to analyze the many styles and aesthetic changes of Khloe Kardashian.



On October of 2014 we could witness a Khloe who above all else valued a clean, au naturel glam, look. Light makeup wit beige foundation and subtle light rose lipstick paired with a simple white shirt gave her a gentle appearance. Around the same time period she has been known to pull off a glam look too, with tight grey blazers and sexy, slightly unruly, hair. Her signature was still just a hint of pizazz and decorations, which worked marvelously.



By April of 2015 she started using the more vibrant makeup products, preferring sexy black mascara and hot pink lipstick. She got highlights in her hair too and started wearing tight dresses. Her significant weight loss visibly gave her a confidence boost so she went on to explore all the opportunities different attires presented. She was a member of world’s sexiest women’s club and it was only a matter of time she started acting like one.



By September she truly became a blonde bombshell with even lighter hair and seductive long eyelashes. Her dresses became tighter and she started posing more often, and attending more events too. Now not afraid to show some skin, she often wore ballroom gowns and classic little black dresses.