I am addicted to you - Everything You Need to Know About the Sexy, Shaggy Way to Wear Bangs 7

Everything You Need to Know About the Sexy, Shaggy Way to Wear Bangs


They say three is a trend – but the latest craze fringe exceeded the standard number. In this case, the real life (or

rather celebrity life) is mirroring the track, so you can bet the popularity will take off. Backstage in New York

Fashion Week Spring 2016, we saw a lot of wild fringes. At Christian Siriano, Rebecca Minkoff, and Vera Wang,

models received fake clip-in bangs. Then, Alexander Wang, models have haircuts before they walked

track. But what really put us on the edge of our seats when Kate Middleton was debuted the same exact style to

exact same time!

These are not the mod, blunt bangs the past – but rather they are a continuation of the “loot” haircut. New

skimming fringe and eyelashes have a developed-out direction. As window curtains, they frame your face and accentuate

cheekbones. And they blend harmoniously into long layers – so if you do want to try a pair of clip-in, no one will be


Other A-listers such as Ciara, Dakota Johnson, and Olivia Wilde recently debuted the shaggy bangs, SwAggY,

while pioneers like Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift were ahead of the curve. But we bet that your friends have not taken

yet, then read on to see more examples of this look and put a picture of your stylist for your Fall

appointment at the hairdresser