Marine Godzilla

Amazing Footage! Swimming With “Godzilla” the Marine Iguana!

Have You Ever Imagined Swimming With Godzilla?

This amazing footage captured by Steve Winkworth while scuba diving in Ecuador’s Galapago Islands next to this marine iguana gives you a bit of that feeling.

As you can see through this video, marine iguanas are great swimmers. Their flattened tail allows them to move like crocodiles through the water.  They can hold their breath up to 45 minutes and their sharp and long claws allow them to hang onto rocks either on shore or underwater through heavy currents.

Did You Know?

Did you know that scientists believe that the South American land iguana must have drifted to sea millions of years ago on top of logs and landed on the Galápagos? Hence, from these land iguanas evolved the marine iguana which spread to most islands of the archipelago.   The ecological adaptations of the marine iguana are amazing. Their black and dark grey colors allow them to better absorb the sunlight needed for them to digest their food and keep their body temperature up.

Fun facts: The marine iguana is the world’s only seafaring lizard. The average size of the marine iguana is 4 – 5ft. Despite their creepy Godzilla look, these amazing creatures are actually herbivores that survive strictly on just underwater algae and seaweed. They have a habit of sneezing all the time because they swallow saltwater when they eat. So, they have a special gland that allows them to clean out their blood from all this extra salt once they’re back out on land. Their constant sneezing allows them to get rid of all the salt water they ingest.

Marine iguanas are protected throughout the archipelago and although their exact population is unknown, it’s believed to be in the hundreds of thousands. Yet, the marine iguana is still considered to be susceptible to extinction.