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Eva Mendes condemns judging pregnant womens clothing styles


Style standards are raised to the sky today, even when it comes to pregnant celebrities. Press treats great outfits as standard and completely blasts bad ones. Reporters present at MET Gala were ruthless toward Kim Kardashian and her, albeit unfortunate, gown. Kim herself said that the experience of fat shaming during pregnancy changed her entirely, and that she did not want to speak to reporters after they called her €œa whale and €œa couch €. And what an awful thing to do it truly is. Women during pregnancy not only lacks control over weigh gain but should not be thinking about it at all.


Eva Mendes, an American actress, model, singer and designer, is firmly against laying judgment on whatever type of clothing pregnant women choose to wear during pregnancy. She said that women should be off limits while pregnant, and no one should comment on their looks! And we support her in thinking magazines should not concern themselves with fashion choices of pregnant women. Carrying a baby is hard enough without front covers lowering their self-esteem wherever they go from every kiosk and newsstand.


Mendes, who has a daughter of her own, said her main combination during pregnancy was a simple oversized shirt. Now, one year after she delivered, she finds skirts and dresses the easiest to wear. Comfort, and not looks, was of significance, and it still plays a role when choosing outfit for the day.When asked if her daughter is slowly inheriting her fashionista genes, Eva laughed and responded young Esmeralda is still in her diapers. But in time, who knows, we might see the creations of youngest Mendes on runways in fashion hubs across the world while Eva sits in the audience supporting her daughter.