I am addicted to you - EMOTIONS PORTRAYED BY CATS 17


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There is a generalization that cats are cold and reserved. I photo cat and I need to demonstrate that they are equipped for a scope of emotions, from genuine to senseless and everything in between.





The greater part of us can perceive our cat’s more clear moods from her body language, facial appearances, vocalizations and movements. We instinctually know how she is feeling by watching her, despite the fact that, deductively, it’s difficult to gauge her emotions.





cats, as most warm blooded creatures, have the same fundamental scope of emotions as we do, including happiness, sadness, relief, frustration and fear (although not our more unpredictable, higher-working emotions, similar to disgrace, blame, or hatred). These fundamental emotions are key to embracing fruitful practices; we rehash the practices that improve us feel and maintain a strategic distance from those that exacerbate us feel. For example, the negative emotion of fear motivates us to stay safe in future, while the more positive pleasure generated by social contact and touch helps us maintain relationships.





The way to a good relationship with your feline is learning out how to remember her emotions and act accordingly. The following illustrations ought to help you build up your capacity to perceive your cat’s emotions and develop the bond between you.