Fashion FALL/WINTER 2015-16

Embrace 2016 Fashion Trends – Feminine With Attitude

As 2015 has ended, so did its fashion reign. Hail, 2016! What have you brought us?

Have you ever laughed off your partner saying he fancies you the most in those first moments of the day, still drowsy from the dream? Have you ever awaken to a thought of how nice it would be to stay in your cozy pajamas all day long? Well, this year you can do just that – thanks to the fashion designers like Fendi, Givenchy, Wang and Thakoon – who apparently agree with your partner. The pajamas look has now been made sweet and chic in favor of all the not-morning-person ladies in the world. Add to it a little dreamy romance in the form of chiffon, feathers and ruffles, paint it all pastel, and you’re going to be radiating your natural feminine beauty and softness all over the place.


Provoking modesty

For a more sensual and seducing fashion look, bare your shoulder and – nothing else. While very pleasant to the eye, last year has been oversaturated with dozens of famous beauties on red carpets going for a genuine natural look – wearing almost nothing but their own skin. Nevertheless, this year the concept of beauty has been somewhat simplified, yet refined with the wondrous and delicate modesty teamed with a firm attitude and a note of ‘explorimental’ courage. To achieve this effect not only from the inside but outside too, try out the off-shoulder tops, cut-outs and asymmetrical necklines.

However, if you’re more up to a dramatic kind of beauty, don’t hold back. Designers have revisited the Victorian era bringing back the best of it – silk and velvet accompanied by lace, unique jewels and lots of baroque details.


The beauty is in the fashion detail

If you thought finding a ringing phone in a seemingly bottomless purse was a difficult task already – this year’s trends are bringing up even a bigger challenge – giant bags. And when we say giant, we mean it. However, bags carry the power of making even the dullest fashion style stand out in shine, so when you’re out of time or inspiration, just get your bag (or a backpack) on, make sure it’s striking either with its colour, shape or graphics and go walk that runway.

What you won’t have to be dealing with this year is balancing on tower-high platforms – they have been replaced by the flat sandals, also known as ‘flatforms’. Some complain that they don’t look like much, but they’re for sure very comfortable and with a decoration or two they can be worn in both daily occasions and night adventures. Low rise pants, sweaters with thick stripes, unique earrings and tiaras are all go-for-it items.


Embrace yourself with Fashion 2016

In short, 2016 loves the contrasts in you and it pushes you to embrace it with all your creativity. While soft and nostalgic tones are employed to depict the gentleness and calmness natural to your feminine being, previously unimaginable combinations of very bright colours are there for you to show you’re not afraid to be vibrant and loud at the same time.