I am addicted to you -Elsa Hosk Went From Pro Basketball Player to Victorias Secret Angel 4

Elsa Hosk Went From Pro Basketball Player to Victorias Secret Angel

Elsa Hosk -blond, bubbly born to be on a VS runway. Before becoming a model she played   professionaly basketball on Sweden’s national team.Hosk is now getting ready for her next role.

How did you first become involved in sports growing up?

I started playing basketball when I was young. I played in school, and I got really good.Then I started training with the Stockholm team and eventually I started playing.

Did playing team sports influence your modeling career in any way?

Playing a team sport   being athletic is   helpful in modeling. It can’t be one person running the whole show. When I pose, I use every single muscle in my body.

What prompted you to focus on modeling rather than sports?

It was my dad who [got me into it]. This was, like, 15 years ago.

When my dad told me that he’d sent my pictures to an agency.I went up there,dressed in this lime-green sweater from H&M, I had braces, with big cheeks, curly hair. They wanted me, so I just started working.

How have your first few months as a Victoria’s Secret Angel been?

Amazing and unexpected. Those events are larger than life, and it feels wonderful to be a part of something that beloved. Everyone knows the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s going to be cool this year €”Ed [Razek] told us about the themes, and I’m so excited.

You worked with Victoria’s Secret Pink for several years before becoming an Angel. How was making the switch between brands?

When I signed with IMG, they were sort of pushing me in the direction of Victoria’s Secret even without me knowing it. They kept sending me to Pink, and [Pink] was like, €œWe’re not sure. € And finally, Helen, the art director of Pink, saw me, and she was like, €œI want to try her. I like her. €

You’re going to be stepping into the role of designer soon. Why did you want to do something behind the scenes?

My personal style has always been more about vintage. I love what Alessandro Michele is doing right now at Gucci, taking that vintage aesthetic and making it feel modern. I want to provide something that is very affordable but has a very high sense of quality in materials and is fashionable. We want to do something cool but affordable.