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Elizabeth Olsen Dating With Tom Hiddleston

Awful news, Marvel film fans: It resembles two of the establishment’s most crush worthy stars have paired off in a romantic relationship. After bits of gossip Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen were dating started to circle, the couple has evidently affirmed the news.

As per Us Weekly, the superpowered twosome was seen out together in Oxford and again two days after the fact in a taxi to go to Bradley Cooper’s West End creation of “The Elephant Man.”

“They’ve been talking continually. It’s been useful for them two, they truly care for each other,” a source told the outlet. “Neither of them are hoping to hop into an expansive duty, yet it’s getting more genuine.”

Two months prior, bits of gossip started circulating that the couple had begun dating after the sister of Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen broke up with her life partner, and accomplice of three years, Boyd Holbrook.

The entertainers are best known for their parts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Elizabeth Olsen made her introduction as Scarlet Witch in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” And Hiddleston has had a lucrative profession in the MCU depicting Loki, the sibling of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), in “Thor,” “The Avengers” and “Thor: The Dark World.” Unfortunately for them, they’ve yet to show up in a superhero motion picture together.

While they might not have co-starred in any MCU experience, they will share screen time in the biopic about country-music star Hank Williams titled “I Saw the Light.” As Vanity Fair noticed, their cozy relationship in the previous couple of weeks could have less to do with any romance and more to do with the way that they’re companions and co-stars.