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Elegant Way To Wear Leopard Print


It’s hard with those animal prints and quite intense too. Overdo it a little bit and you can look like a proper 90s hooker from the movies. Underdo it and it just looks strange. So keeping it a neutral is the only way to rock leopard print. Sure, the purpose of it is to be eye grabbing and attention catching, but it works surprisingly well. Don’t use it as you main thing, combine it with leather or fur, silk and satin €“ make your wildest wishes true.


If you want to keep it elegant and professional and still wear animal print, take a leopard print blazer and combine it with high-waisted pants.   The look is formal, nothing wrong with it even if you work in places with the harshest of dress codes. And still, miraculously, you find some leopard print on yourself! Fine classy pants and high heels go a long way, especially if you pair it with a classy bag.


Leopard jackets just look so rock’n’roll. But, avoid wearing them with ripped jeans or plain t-shirts or else you will look a bit too much like Keith Richards. Instead, combine your fabulous jacket with some tailored neutrals and black high-waisted skinny skirt. Add some black boots and you will remain like a classy rock’n’roller. If you want to wear this outfit, then huge black sunglasses are a must.


You can choose some subtle animal prints too, abstract ones who don’t exactly draw that much attention. They don’t exactly demand attention like former outfits, but still add some spice to your wardrobe. Pair them up with some black leather pants and high heeled shoes and you will look relaxed, cool and chic. Ideal if you want to just hang out with friends, or go on a date.