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Efficient Vet Visit

How To Ensure A Successful And Efficient Vet Visit

Except for a good vet, an efficient vet visit requires a thorough preparation in advance. You may ask yourself, what kind of preparation? Or, why preparation at all? It is just a pet, why can I not just take it to the vet? Well, you cannot and we are here to explain in details why not.

It’s pretty natural for the visit to your pet’s doctor to cause you some stress, regardless of whether the reason for your visit is a specific health concern or a simple routine check-up. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows of a constant care and worry that, along with an enormous amount of love, come as a part of the ‘pet package’.

And while the small dose of worry is pretty hard to avoid, there are some things you can do to ensure a less stressful and highly efficient vet visit.


Check out our step-by-step guide to a successful and efficient vet visit

What you must know is that an efficient vet visit consists of three key parts: preparing for the visit, helping at the vet office and follow up.

Efficient Vet Visit

Firstly, you have to schedule an appointment and mention the reason for your visit. This will provide your vet (or the receptionist) with a useful information which will help them determine the proper amount of time needed for the checkup of your furry (or scaly or feathery) friend. Also, it will spare you waiting pointlessly in the veterinarian’s office while the rest of the pet army gets checked.

Use this opportunity to ask if there’s anything you should do ahead of the visit (for example, not feed your pet, bring a stool or urine sample etc.). If you have an exotic kind of pet (like a reptile or rodent), make sure to ask if the office treats that particular kind of animal.


Efficient Vet Visit

For a maximum efficient visit, it is useful to remember to make notes describing your pet’s condition (any unusual and bothersome things you notice, like reduced appetite, vomiting, strange noises etc.). For the visit to go extra quickly and smoothly, prepare questions (for example, about the weight, vaccinations, diet etc.). Since the answers to these questions can depend on your pet’s age and change accordingly, it’s a good idea to ask about them at every visit.

Finally, make sure that your pet is regularly taken care of, including brushing teeth or fur, trimming nails, talons or claws and such. It is smart to get your pet used to a touch and a carrier (with a help of treats and praise) for an easy transport and better cooperation at the vet’s office.

Efficient Vet Visit

Once the preparation part is done and the visit date has arrived, make sure you have all your pet’s medical records sorted and some comforting treats for your little friend packed. Upon arrival to the vet’s office, your pet should be restrained, given that there will be other animals and that, in the animal world, things spiral out of control quite easily. Pay attention to the examination and feel free to ask whatever’s on your mind so you can fully understand your pet’s condition and your future responsibilities towards it.

Finally, after the examination is done, schedule your next visit and go home to relax for very likely both you and your pet will need some good rest.

Efficient Vet Visit

Even though i seems like a lot of work to do, it truly is not big of a deal once this becomes your routine. Your pet is part of your family and it deserves the best treatment. At least this is how things should be. It is very important that you have that in mind at the very beginning when you start  thinking about the option to get a pet. If you are not ready to take the animal to be part of your family, better don’t take it at all. You will avoid troubles and unnecessary guilt feeling when things do not end up good as they should. However, if you are well aware how you should treat the animal and what is it that you must do to make your pet happy, then following these rules to have successful and efficient vet visit will be truly piece of cake for you.