I am addicted to you - Christian Audigier dies in Los Angeles at 57 5

Ed Hardy Designer Christian Audigier Died At 57

Ed Hardy Designer Christian Audigier Died At 57

Fashion designer Christian Audigier was born in France but he gained fame and fortune in the Unite States. He had inspiration for tattoo of street wise designs for the Ed Hardy and Von Dutch brands.

A publicist,Michele Elyzabeth   said that Audigier had Cancer and she was the first to report the death on her LATF style website.  As said by Elyzabeth ,Audigier was born in Avignon, France, and began working in fashion as early as age 14.

Besides his colorful designs Audigier was known for his energetic promotion and for friendships with celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Madonna and the French singer Johnny Hallyday

Audigierwas 57 when he died. It was Friday and he died at 3:45am at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.As reported by the head of staff   LauraCoversonat the hospital.

As Hallydaytweetedin French on Friday, she said in her tweet “My friend forever,I will miss you terribly. I love you.”

When he was a young man he moved to New York where he worked for a number of labels,he achieved famewhen he moved to Los Angeles where he worked first as a designer for Von Dutch, and moved to Ed Hardy brand, where Audigier’s clothing played off the colorful designs of tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy.

At Los Angeles while presenting his Ed Hardy linefor  Fashion Week in 2008Audigier said that he believes that people are going to go to street wear more than couture wear, this is where he showed what he described as an homage to color and ’80s street style, sparkling embroidered jeans, and motifs of dragons, skulls and roses on bright backdrops. Casual wear was to be seen as a rise in a troubled economy.

Audigier’s reputation for high-profile hobnobbing and shrewd marketing had got the likes of Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton to sport his trucker hats and other gear.

Audigier told the Los Angeles Times in 2007,He said “I believe celebrities are the best driver for trends,The more they wear my stuff, the more it is going to be seen by the people.”

Additional to Von Dutch and Ed Hardy, Audigier designed denim items for Levi’s, Guess and a number of other clothing lines. However later he never designed for several years.