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Better workout results

Eat better to insure better workout results

Unless you are one of those people  who  go to the gym just because all their friends do, and after sweating a bit they enjoy a great burger or some delicious French fries, you must be aware of the fact that if you want better workout results your diet is a real support for achieving that goal.   It is now common knowledge that the saying €œYou are what you eat € is nothing short but true. A proper meal will have a decisive influence on your energy level and help you increase the muscle mass, you are working  so hard on. In other words, you can’t expect better workout results and to look like an athlete while eating unhealthy junk food.   If you want to see results and become healthier, it’s highly important that you talk to a certified nutritionist or dietitian. Keep in mind that they usually offer recommendations for average people who  want to exercise in order to reach a general level of health and fitness, advice which is not always suitable for sports competitions. Professional sportsmen should address highly specialized nutritionists.

Better workout results

There is a general misconception about the notion of avoiding any source of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. These substances, also known as micro-nutrients should not be excluded of our diet while trying to achieve a better body shape. And that’s because they actually play a very important role in providing the necessary energy for daily functions and obtaining those better workout results we all aim for. What you must take into account when planning a diet is what kind of workout you are planning to do. That will help you establish the amount of carbs, protein and fat you should include in your diet. According to nutritionists, there is an ideal ratio of micro-nutrients that must be adapted and changed according to the workout type in order to obtain better workout results. Here is what an appropriate snack or meal should be focused on considering each of these types of activities:

  • For steady state cardio (running, cycling, rowing, elliptical or any other cardio activity) that you’re doing for more than thirty minutes, at a moderate and steady intensity, the before and after meals must be rich in carbs.
  • For strength training (body weight, kettle-bells, dumbbells) or any kind of resistance training that lasts longer than 45 minutes or an hour at a higher intensity you should drastically reduce the amount of carbs and increase the protein and fat.
  • High-intensity interval training, any type of activity that requires the alternation of hard work at highest intensity with a period of catching your breath for about 20 minutes it is recommended to aim for the same carbs, protein and fat ratio for the high-intensity interval exercise as you do for the strength training.

For ensuring better workout results, here are some other very important tips you must take into consideration:

  • Make sure you take just as seriously both your before exercise meal as the after exercise meal
  • Try to eat your meals and/snack one or two hours before/ after your workout
  • It is not unusual to get really hungry after you exercise, so it is a good idea to try scheduling your meals around your workouts hours
  • Make sure you’re eating as much as possible wholefood and avoid all kinds of processed products
  • If you want to calculate any of these on your own, you can use an online macro-nutrient calculator to help you figure out the ideal ratio between carbs, fat and protein you should aim for.

Now, let’s get healthy and fit. The best way to start is by eating and working out and eating again!

Better workout results


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Better workout results