Applying Fake Bangs

5 Easy Steps To Applying Fake Bangs Perfectly

Applying fake bangs is like eating a cake without gaining weight. Each one of us has at some point been challenged to have bangs. However, the ultimate bangs temptation has divided the female world in two: those brave ladies who cut them right away, and the rest of us who take a long time to think before ditching this stylish idea out of fear of commitment.

Sure, bangs are beautiful, cute and tempting, but the truth is – they require a lot of work and patience. They take so much time and work to maintain and once you’re bored of them, it takes like forever to grow them out. OK, not exactly a lifetime, but one and a half year with the same hairstyle can seem like an eternity to some. This is where the idea of applying fake bangs steps in.

Applying fake bangs is all gain, no pain. Whenever you’re in the mood for bangs or are longing for a super quick and super chic hairstyle change without a risk or instant regret afterwards, just use the clip-ins.


Here’s how to master applying fake bangs


1– Get a clip-in bang from the local beauty store.


2– Part your hair down the center to move the hair out of the way so that the clip-in bangs can sit flat on your head.


3– Spray that faux bang with some dry shampoo. The dry shampoo will take away the unnatural shine from synthetic hair and make it look more natural.


4– Move the faux fringe towards the crown of your head and keep moving it back until it ends in the line where you want it to fall on your forehead. This will make the fake bangs less noticeable.


5– Secure the three clips from the underside of the fake fringe onto your natural hair and make sure it’s well secured and blended into your haircut flawlessly. Brush the bangs.