I am addicted to you - Easy Lip Liner Tips 2

Easy Lip Liner Tips


Recent study showed that two cosmetic products that get applied wrongly most often are mascara and lip liner. While it is an extremely useful tool, many people end up with an unusual pout or a completely wrong shade because they are not using it the way it is supposed to be used. Still, it’s not that hard to learn how to learn to start using it properly, especially if you have us to teach you!



First rule of using lip liner is simple; never ever use a lip liner darker than your lipstick. The contrast it creates may seem edgy and cool, but in reality it is just the worst thing you can do to your lips. For the best possible combination use a natural colored lip liner that sports creamy consistency.   Keep the liner one shade darker than your natural lip color and one shade lighter than your lipstick color.



Many people attempt to be overly artistic and in doing so cross the lines with lip liner. We are here to tell you never to do that – take it as the second rule of using lip liner. It make you look like Joker more than anything else, and is another thing that might look cool and edgy while you are home, and absolutely horrendous when you go out among people. Just don’t do it €“ trust us.



Now that we made it clear what you shouldn’t do, we’ll tell you what you absolutely need to do. Use Cupid’s bow to youth advantage! Cupid’s bow is , of course, the cute little peak in the middle of your lips. You will do yourself a favor if you use the lip liner to put an accent to it, as it’s the prettiest part of our lips.