I am addicted to you - Drew Barrymore Secret Beauty Product 3

Drew Barrymore Secret Beauty Product

Nobody wants to look ugly. Especially for HoIlywood’s actors and actress. Every of the have unique characteristic and beauty. Let’s take Drew Barrymore as example, she is an actress who is not only fabulous,  but also has an approachable yet  irrepressibly charming demeanor. Also for her costume, she is truly committed to her brand. When it comes to concealer, she takes serious eyes on it

€œLife without a decent, amazing, foolproof concealer is no life at all. It’s a bad like, € she said. Barrymore pick cites Flower’s SkinCognito Stick Foundation as the one product she can’t live without. €œI really cannot. If the American Express motto, €˜don’t leave  home without it’ applies, it is the SkinCognito because I can figure out a way to burn a cork and create eyeliner.  I can find a berry and smash it on my cheeks and lips. I can fangle make-up out of anything, but a really good concealer, I think, makes a woman feel the most confident and it’s crucial. € She continues to talk about her concealer. Also, what  else should every woman apply? €œFrom there, you can do anything. You can put some Aquaphor on your lips and go from there. €

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