I am addicted to you -DRESSED UP IN PARIS 1


I couldn’t endure to bring this lovely organza Tracy Reese dress while we were in Paris. I saved it for an exceptional night spent cruising along the Seine before our companions wedding. They had a lovely sunset cruise with cocktails that went straight up to the Eiffel Tower, which shines during the evening. In case you’re in Paris, you need to experience this in any event once. I get jazzed with fervor each and every time it twinkles.


As one who is generally spruced up or overdressed for each event, I get far excessively energized heading, making it impossible to occasions where everybody will be making that additional stride. The men are pleasantly groomed in custom-made suits and the ladies are wearing their own concept of cocktail chic-I simply cherish it. Along these lines, Thomas and I exited our lodging in the Marais hand in hand, inclination only a slight bit fancier than we had before in the day.


I’ve said it a modest bunch of times here on the online blog, however this style of dress is my top choice. I believe it’s all around complimenting on numerous body sorts and feels so feminine and classic. Furthermore, I cherish a full skirt that just makes you need to twirl.


With champagne close by, we floated by as the sun gradually set, getting another point of view of Paris from the water.

I also cherish this dress, this dress and this dress that are all comparable fit in shape and style of the dress that I’m wearing. A couple of other full-skirted ones I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet incorporate this lace and floral one, this become blush one and this off the shoulder one.