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Dolce & Gabbana’s Hair Accessories 2015

Dolce & Gabbana’s Hair Accessories 2015

hair accessories

Here are a few things you can depend on seeing on a Dolce & Gabbana runway: bustiers; lace; florals; and an unmistakably Italian, frequently particularly Sicilian, impact. Goodness, and hair add-ons. The models’ heads are once in a while left unadorned. This convention of ornamental toppers has proceeded for almost 10 years. Observably, it appeared to commence in Spring ’06 with a few catwalkers brandishing scarlet shaded feather skullcaps, which we contend are more hairpiece than cap. Also, most as of late at the alta moda show, couture looks were topped with what seemed, by all accounts, to be lavish little gardens or an overlaid oversize tiara. It propelled us to look through Dolce & Gabbana’s past accumulations and choose our most loved hairpieces through the seasons, from turbans molded out of gloves to signorina depressing cover to outrageous, lavish earphones.

Fall ’09: Hands On
Here’s a virtuoso thought when you’ve lost one leather glove: Repurpose alternate as a headband.

Spring ’09: Luxe Leftovers

The mess of materials used to make the head wraps proposed they were molded from scraps of fabric pulled from the cutting room floor.


Fall ’10: Beats and Bathing Beauties

The main iteration of the earphones as-hair-accessory looked truly useful €”while the sculptural swim tops highlighted with overlaid blossoms did not.

Spring ’10: Blingy Barrettes

A heedless position of generally downplayed (by all accounts, in any case) overlaid clasps took a fixed updo from easy to radiant.

Spring ’12: Best Buds

What we have here is the best case of greenery over-burden: burlap used to form titan blossoms.

Spring ’13: All Wrapped Up

When you need a five-second style with significant flair, make this scarf-wrapped chignon your go-to.

Fall ’13: Bow Down

It’s most likely not a regular look, but rather the outline duo made the contention that extravagant crowns ought not be held for eminence alone.

Spring ’14: Mixed Messages

Between the fragile flowers, solidified headbands, and bunches of coins, it was difficult to play top picks €”which is likely why beauticians went after every one of the three off camera.

Spring ’15: Ciao, Sicily

When it’s showy behavior you need, pick a full-face shroud or a bunch of carnations covering your ears.

Fall ’15: Family Jewels

“The thought is that you’ve put ’50s pins and pearls in your hair from your mom’s trinket box,” clarified hair star Guido Palau, of the bejeweled chignons backstage at the show. For flashier famiglie, the planners additionally presented studded, bejeweled, and hide secured earphones that one could go down to the following digitally adroit era