DIYable Manis 2016

DIYable Manis 2016 -top 12 for great looks!

The new DIYable Manis 2016 – Mmm, smells like a change in New Year! Yes, new style and DIY Manis are something we all, girls, can afford.

When it comes to change, whether we want something radical (and on the beginning of the New Year we all do) or something small, we always start with our nails or with our hair.

Maybe it’s because it is so easy! When you want to go trendy, the first thing you can think of is your nails! Beautiful styles that catch your eyes, astonishing color and a pattern that can easily be combined with various outfits depending on the occasion – what can be better!

DIYable Manis 2016 patterns for different effects

DIYable Manis 2016 -top 12 for your astonishing looks include patterns such as Precious Metals, Checker Board, Small lines, Golden Details, Inverted French, Subtle Hombre, Funny Glitter, Subtle Flower, Crisscrossed design, Minimalistic details design, Vertical Lines design, Baby half-moon design and minimalistic and modern design.

With the Precious Metals design, you can be glamorous and trendy at the same time, combining the power of shiny details. For bold girls out there, one of the top 12  DIYable Manis 2016 is certainly Checker Board design – for all girls that love this game, this will be a fabulous choice! And just for you to know, this design is super trendy and it is spotted at the Opening Ceremony Spring 2016 which took place in New York, on Wall street.

The minimalistic designs that will give the perfect effect on your nails include vertical stripes for classic elegance and crisscrossed lines for the imaginative looks. For girls who want to look trendy but don’t want the whole attention brought to their hands, the perfect choice would be some of the top 12  DIYable Manis 2016 subtle forms and patterns: they can choose subtle forms of flowers or delicate ombre.

For the girls that want to simply shine and draw attention to themselves, there are more courageous combinations with glitter or the inverted French! Take a look at the pictures and choose the best DIYable Manis 2016 design for you! Enjoy!