diy jewelry box

DIY Jewelry Box- a few beautiful examples

DIY jewelry box is something what you will value more than purchased one, because it is going to be done with your hands. It is possible it is going to be your first piece of art. Then will worth even more, right?

You know very well how people are proud when they do something on their own. This item is always on a visible place and they like to brag about it, like, hey look what have I made.

This will probably happen when you do your own jewelry box. Even though it should be placed in a bathroom or sleeping room where you have your night-table, most likely you will have it in your living room. But that is just ok. It can be a nice addition to the place.

Now, how big your box will be, depends on how much jewelry you have. You can even make more than one to have everything organized nicely. And in case you already have such a box, you can make an extra one. We are sure you are going to use it sooner or later, because when it comes to fashion accessories, women seem like never having  enough.

Next thing, out of what will you make it? You can use any kind of old box that you don’t need anymore. It can be a wooden box, or a shoe box, even chocolate boxes will work. Any kind of box, be it small or big will be good for this item.

And last thing, how will you decorate your new box? Well, you can use lots of different things, like color papers,  crayons or markers. You can use old broken pieces of jewelry and stick it on the box with the use of glue. Include your imagination.


Here are some DIY jewelry box ideas


diy jewelry


diy jewelry


diy jewelry


These are only pictures that will give you the idea. However, for more ideas or step by step guides you can use tutorials online. So, don’t spend extra money on your jewelry boxes, make them by yourself.