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DIY Ideas- Candle and Planters holder

DIY ideas are something that is very popular today. Every single thing you have in your home and you don’t need anymore can be re-used. You can use it to do a completely new and different thing.

All these new things can be practical and cool, not to mention how their visual look can be unique and innovative.

So, it is not hard to conclude that these things look amazing.

If you are a creative person you will have enough imagination to figure it out how you will re-use old things.

But if you don’t have creativity in you, there are always photos and online tutorials that will help you to make something you want.

Step by step guides should make the whole process a lot simpler.

Great thing about DIY projects is not only re-using old unnecessary things but to have fun too. You can include kids in your DIY projects. They can be very helpful. So, besides working on your new piece of art, you will spend some quality time with your kids. We can assure you that they will enjoy.

When it comes to DIY objects and things in general, they all cannot be done easily but there are some that will take you not more than 10 minutes to complete the work. Also, some can be done in a few simple steps.

We have one such thing for you.


DIY ideas are many as said, but here is one simple- DIY candle and planters holder


All what you will need here is a fish can,  some clothespins, a candle or a plant.

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Place clothespins around the can, then you can decorate with some piece of paper (if you want) and put in plant or candle.

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And that is it. If you want to play some more, you can add clothespins in different colors or add more decoration to the holder. Leave the imagination to do  its job.

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