5 DIY beauty Ideas from Simple Food Stuffs

DIY is the latest slogan for the young generation. DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself. It means something that you need to do yourself. Whether it is about small household tasks or daily makeup €“ doing it yourself is always a good thing. So,  here are some awesome DIY beauty ideas.


The following DIY beauty ideas will make your regular makeup and beauty activities simple as well as enjoyable


1- Olive Oil

Olive oil is commonly available in all households. It is an important ingredient for making salads, pastas, etc. But, have you ever thought that it could help in your DIY beauty? To remove your eye makeup, no need to use cleansing milk, simply try olive oil. Olive oil is good for your skin too. So, this is one of  excellent DIY beauty ideas.


DIY beauty ideas


2- Avocado

Damaged hair is a problem for many of us these days. Damage hair is common as air pollution level is getting high these days. In order to make your damaged hair completely rejuvenated, you can use avocado juice or pulp extract. It strengthens hair roots and heals damaged scalp.

DIY beauty ideas


3- Milk

Damaged skin or excessive skin dryness is an aging alert. However, you can say goodbye to aging with simple DIY beauty tricks. Apply milk on the damaged parts of your skin, and your skin will be rejuvenated. Try this for at least a month, and you will eventually start feeling the difference.

DIY beauty ideas


4- Strawberries

When it comes to simple DIY beauty tips, strawberries can be used for enhancing glow of facial skin. Use the strawberry pulp extract to apply on skin and get the rejuvenating glow. You can use strawberry to remove your yellow tooth patches.

DIY beauty ideas


5- Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar can be found commonly in various households. This magical ingredient can cure arrays of skin rashes or diseases. It also makes the skin glowing naturally.

DIY beauty ideas