Dior Spring 2016 Makeup Glowing Gardens

Dior Spring 2016 Makeup Glowing Gardens

For Dior Spring 2016 Makeup, Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, conceived the Glowing Gardens collection, a luminous beauty look that highlights every woman’s natural beauty.

Dior Spring 2016 Makeup

Dior Spring 2016 Makeup Glowing Gardens



We are sure that you already heard the expression ‘the less is more’. Sometimes, the natural beauty is all that you need, especially for everyday’s occasion. Gentle, pastel colors will make your face look fresh and relaxed.

That is exactly what Peter Philips had in mind for this spring – fresh and pure! The Creative and Image Director of Dior Spring 2016 Makeup put the accent on ‘glow’ for this season calling again for the floral shades so dear to Dior. Spring nuances for this year will be light and vibrant creating a fresh, natural and incandescent look. It will include the shades of pink, peony red, soft green and pastel yellow.

The main underlying idea is accenting a natural beauty of a woman, resembling flowers at spring and using just a cloud of shades on the eyelids with finishing details on the eyebrows with blending pencil. For a great effect, the evanescent foundation is used for the face and for the chick bones  pink-tinted blush.

When it comes to the lips, Dior continues with the same beauty inspiration: lips first have to be nourished with a pomade and later on just slightly coated with radiant, fresh pink. For the completely natural look, the hair is also important. Dior suggests a low ponytail and pastel tones for nail polish.

If you are into pink shades, this is the real time for you! And for all of us, Dior lovers, there is plenty of amazing things that we can treat ourselves with. Of course, we are as always sure of the premium quality of this brand, no questions about it. If you have the chance, check Dior’s new eyeshadow pallets Rose Garden and Blue garden, you will love them!

For your new look, Dior prepared every little detail that you simply must have this spring.