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10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in The World

Do you know which are the most dangerous dog breeds?

When it comes to pets, most people have dogs or cats. Dogs are very smart and they can be perfect pets. They are great for playing, protecting and even improving a person’s health. However, not all of them are friendly in particular situations. There are breeds which are very dangerous. Of course, they will probably be friendly with their owner, but not with other people. It doesn’t always have to be a negative motive for the attack, because, in most cases, their main aim is to protect their owners or themselves, but that is exactly what makes them the most dangerous dog breeds. Their capability to react fast and aggressively and giving serious wounds. However, it is also well known that many attacks occurred even in the inner circle of owners or family members, and some cases of death were reported, too.

Here is our list of 10 most dangerous dog breeds


1- Pit bulls

This breed is the number one on our list. It is true that these dogs are dedicated companions and love people, but improper training in some cases can make them aggressive. If you are an owner of a pit bull, you will probably disagree, but according to statistics, it is a very aggressive dog breed and some governments actually banned the breeding of these dogs. Pit bulls are also used in dog fighting, which is an illegal sport.

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2- Rottweilers

They are territorial animals and they will guard your property very well. But, they can also become aggressive if not properly trained. Their average life span is between 12 and 14 years, and 1 dog’s year equals 16 years of a human being. In general, they are considered to be unsuitable for pets.

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3- Huskies

Even though they look cute and soft, they can be dangerous. If properly trained, they can be  family pets, but they are very energetic and demand a lot of attention. You must give them enough space to release the energy and they need a lot of walking. If you have allergy problems, it is not advisable to have them due to their high shedding.

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4- German Shepherds

This powerful animal is very intelligent. But it is also reported to be among the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. If trained correctly, this dog becomes loyal, protective and fun. These dogs have a huge curiosity which is why they like to explore their surroundings. Their negative side is the fact that they are prone to many types of diseases.

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5- Alaskan malamutes

Much alike Huskies, they are energetic, however, they’re also slow learners, so you will have to have a lot of patience if you buy one. They also enjoy human company so you will need to spend a lot of time with them. But again, if you don’t train them properly, they can become aggressive.

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6- Doberman pinschers

This breed is very loyal and intelligent but can also become aggressive if the owner is in danger. It is often labeled as €œDog with a human brain €. If you are not a good trainer who demonstrates who is the leader, they will act like they are leaders. These dogs are sensitive to sound. When it comes to strangers they are very reserved. The Doberman is a big dog that weighs 65-90 lbs.

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7- Chow Chows

Who would ever say, right? Look at this puffy face and body. But unfortunately, they too can become aggressive. This breed originates from China and since they exist around 4000 years they are also on the list of one of the oldest breeds on the planet. These dogs are stubborn and like domination.

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8- Great Danes

These dogs are huge, seriously huge, they weigh around 200 pounds. They require long walks and lots of attention in general. These dogs are sensitive, and anxiety can actually kill this dog.

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9- Boxer

These dogs are intelligent and not aggressive by nature, but can become aggressive. They are extremely loyal and will die to please you.

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10- Akitas

The last one on our list of 10 most dangerous dog breeds are Akitas dogs. They are not as dangerous as the other 9 breeds. They can be easily controlled if properly trained. They are loyal and good for families.

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Even though dogs can make great family pets, it is not advisable to have a dog when there is a small child in the house. Because of some cases of attacks, you can never be secure enough to believe that your dog won’t attack. Not only a child but you as well. However, grown people can at least defend themselves, which is not the case with children.