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dallas shooting

Updated news about Dallas shooting-5 police officers dead!

5 police officers were killed in Dallas shooting, what is most shocking news lately.

Update about shooting was announced from Dallas police at 2 am, central time, yesterday.

This mass shooting is the worst one in the modern times.


Who are 5 police officers?


At this point what is known is that among dead ones are 4 Dallas policemen and one DART member.

There were 11 police officers shoot and police believe that there were 4 snipers. Even though, at first they suspected to be at least 2 of them.

Attack happened during the protest and even one civilian is among injured people.

The report about the bomb in the area is announced too and the ATF with FBI are on the place of this terrible incident.

The protest we have mentioned was for the two killed African-American men. In protest were involved around 800 people. And the two killed black men were Philando Castile from Minnesota and Alton Sterling from Baton Rouge.

The shooting was near JFK Memorial Plaza where protesters were marching towards Old Red Courthouse.

Press conference was at 12:40, central time and David Brown, chief of the police stated that 3 suspect persons are in custody.

This attack was planned smartly as it is known so far and the police is gathering more information from the arrested criminals.

David also praised the officers. He said that he never saw such a courage and professionalism, even though they knew they are exposed to snipers and vulnerable.

For now, the names of dead officers are not given to the public.

We are carefully following the news. Will inform any new information.

It is a sad day in America and one of the worst in the history of attacks on police officers.

Both news are in fact sad, the dead of black men and the attack. We hope that one day things will finally get better. Too many people are dying for wrong reasons.