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Dad- gives newborn first bath

Dad Gives His Newborn Baby Girl Her First Bath!

Don’t forget to record your little ones special moments!

Every first experience of a child becomes monumental for both mom and dad. From the first bath they’re given, to the first time they say mom or dad, or the first time they crawl, or eat solid food, to the first time they walk. The list keeps going on and on as your child grows up and every one of those moments is so unique and unforgettable.

Most parents record these moments whenever possible to eternalize them and be able to revisit them with exact details, as well as show to their children as they grow up and wonder what they were like as babies.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have recordings of all these important moments in our lives, but we probably would all love to go back in time and experience a bit about ourselves as babies. Therefore, if you have a little one, make sure you record these special moments. Your child will absolutely love watching these recordings as he or she grows up, and it never gets boring for them.

I’ve recorded many monumental experiences of my daughter and she absolutely loves watching these clips over and over again. I often tell her stories about specific things she used to do or say at 2 years old or at age 4 and when she watches these clips it’s almost like I’m bringing these stories to life again. I can honestly say that it’s a very rewarding experience to be able to share these moments with her years after they happen.

In the video below you’ll see a very loving dad (James Perry) giving his new baby girl her very first relaxing bath, while the mom proudly films the two of them. It Is Absolutely Adorable!