Cute animals kissing

Cute animals kissing – love is in the air

Cute animals kissing, some adorable love couples that you are about to see will totally melt your heart!

Every love story begins with a kiss, and we all remember our first kiss no matter how old we are! Those cute little butterflies that wave in your heart and the feeling that you are on the roof of the world! Yes, a kiss is the sweetest introduction to love, first step into paradise!

Kissing was the inspiration to many artists over the years. The famous painting “Kiss” from the one of the greatest artists of all times Gustav Klimt is a true homage to the beauty of kissing.

Did you know that while kissing your body produces the oxytocin, the hormone of bonding and happiness? That same hormone is very important for making a bond between a mother and a newborn and in the relationships where  it strengthen the bond between partners. Kissing prompts your brain to release the whole cocktail of good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine that are responsible for making you happy. That’s why we feel so excited when we get a kiss from a loved one! It’s a pure, powerful  chemistry!

We bring you a series of photos from the animal kingdom and you will see that kissing is a universal sweetest thing in the world!

Cute animals kissing – adorable love photos

Kissing is not reserved only for a human race! Animals can show their emotions too and fall in love just as we do! Some of the animal species are even better in loving than us, because they fall in love just once in their lives and stay faithful their whole life or until the death of their loved ones. For them, till death do us apart is not just a phrase, they live every word of it!

Did you know that wolves love only once in their lifetime? When they find a mate they stay faithful whole their lives. The same is with swans, beavers, and owls! So, take a look at these adorable cute animals kissing! It will melt your heart!