cute animal selfies

Cute animal selfies – hilarious

If you are a fan of selfie yourself, you will love these cute animal selfies! Just look at those faces, hilarious! They will melt your heart with cuteness, that’s for sure! You can see some posing, some surprising faces, some “I am looking awesome” pictures… Anyway, selfies are no longer reserved just for us, girls! There are other cute creatures out there who want to be on the pictures!

Cute animal selfies – the ocean of cuteness

Did you know that the word selfie was first used in 2002 in Australia, where it appeared on one  online forum? It became popular though in 2013 when the social media brought this word to the whole another level. Selfie was included in the Oxford dictionary in August 2013 and it became the International Word of the Year in November the 19th, 2013.

Now you know some interesting facts about the most popular style of pictures today. Well, this doesn’t mean anything to these adorable little posers that didn’t know that someday they would be sooo popular!

Now we have a celebrity Bugs Bunny showing his tongue in public and two best friends, Chiwava and her big buddy. Lemurs are so easily surprised these days and monkeys are prepared to pose, just for one moment of fame! And who is this beauty with gorgeous blue eyes between the pillows? That’s beauty Husky, always ready for a good selfie!

We have also a celebrity beauty moment from a farm – unexpected selfie! Those are the best, you have to admit! And, of course,  a Zebra moment! Who said that the world is not black and white only? Not me! There  is some deer who want to be famous by taking a pic with humans and a fish that  just wanted to smile!

Take a look at these hilarious cute animals selfies and melt your heart in cuteness!