Curly Hair Style – Tips and styles to manage your curly hair


1.Wash Before Styling


Before you start styling any kind of hair, do wash them. This is because of the fact that most styling needs serum or gel or other hair products. These should be applied on clean hair to avoid them being grimy. Washing also leaves the hair looking fresh. Keep in mind to use only sulphate free shampoo or cleanser to wash extra products from your earlier styling.

2. Split Your Curls in smaller portions before applying any product


Because of unleveled application of the styling product, curls tend to act differently at the different parts of the hair. To avoid this problem, take slightly less hair in your hand and apply the styling product equally on all the segments.


3. Try not to touch your hair


Curls should be formed naturally. If you touch them excessively, their formation gets disturbed and hence uncontrollable frizzes are formed. First let your hair dry out completely and then you can start styling them.

4. Use a Light Oil to soften hair


Excessive use of gel or other hair products can turn curls still and make them dry. Use of light oil on your hair can help them regain their shine from root to tip. Use only a little quantity of oil and rub it in your hands first so that an oily look can be avoided. Let your hair dry out first and then apply the oil.


5. Apply Leave-in Conditioner Before Styling


Dampness can help in maintaining your hair and leave them free from frizzes. Use a leave-in conditioner before styling so as to keep them moisturized.


6.How to add a bounce in your hair


Buying a high-quality leave-in conditioner can help when you are styling your hair. squirt a mix of leave-in conditioner and water on your hair post styling. This will keep your hair fresh and bouncy. If during the day, you feel your hair style starts losing its brightness; just spray the mixture again to get the revived look right away.


7.  Hairbands




Most ladies are short on time and don’t know how to style their hair. Simply use a headband to pull back wet hair. This will automatically level your hair at the crown and curls will remain only at the ends of your hair

8. Use a small amount of gel on wet hair


After washing your hair, take a small quantity of gel on your fingers. Now, crunch your hair while pressing the water out of your hair. After that, divide curls in segments and let it dry normally in air.