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Creative Ideas You Can Use to Store Your Books

Posted on Ideas 51500

Do you like an ordinary piece of furniture, something you can buy in every furniture store? Or something you can do even by yourself by using many creative ideas presented online? Having your own apartment, or a house is, of course, something we all dream about. After all the obligations people have, coming home after a long day and relaxing, is a real treasure. Therefore, it is really important that your home has everything you have ever dreamed of. We believe that every single piece of furniture, even the smallest one, has to be exactly as you have imagined in order to feel complete in your home. It also has to be in the right place.

When you start decorating your residence, there is nothing easier than visiting a store and buying things. But what we believe is more exciting, is to decorate your home with something where creative ideas will come in handy. Why? Well, because that way you can have something that is rare, or even one of a kind piece of furniture.

If you are the type of person who has a huge imagination, there is always something completely new and unique you can come up with and make with your own hands, finally placing it in a special corner of your home. You can share your creative ideas with others too, for which the best place is, of course, the internet. On the other hand, if you are not creative at all, you will find great things online, to use in your home.

The internet is a place where you can find absolutely everything. So, we did the same. We explored it to find some pieces of furniture that are so eye-catching that you will fall in love with them instantly. If you’re asking yourself what kind of pieces we are talking about? Well, today we have decided to give you creative ideas on how to store your books.


Here is the list of creative ideas people have shared with us


1- Flower library

If you love books and you don’t want to put them in an ordinary bookcase, here is and excellent idea how you can join together a bunch of shelves and make a huge flower. In this flower you can store your books and make your own flower library.



2- Guest in your house?

With this great book-shelf you will never feel like being alone, because this cute robot seems like it won’t go anywhere.



3- It is time for cup of… well, not coffee, but cup of books

One more excellent creative idea you will love it.



4- For all music lovers out there

You can use an old piece of the piano to make a book shelf.



5- Circle

Let’s spin around.



6- A tree for your kid’s room

Let’s not forget about our precious one. There are so many children who like to read. Here is an idea for their books and fairy tales.



7- Gravity is lost

We saw circle shelf and now it is time to play with gravity.



8- Small shelf

Don’t have a lot of books? Well, don’t worry, we have solution for this problem too. You can make a small shelf which will show your creativity. Place it against the wall and add some decoration to this wall  too. You will get very eye-catching spot in your house.



9- Continent

Where are you from? Why do we ask? Well, you can make a shelf in a shape of your continent. It is one of creative ideas everyone will like.



10- Bee hive

Well, you can have your own hive too. For your books of course.



These ideas are so cool that even those who don’t like reading will buy some books too, and make such shelves. Because they really can add some creativity and attractiveness to every home.

For all of you out there who, however, do love to read, we hope these creative ideas will help you to store your books in a place which will not only be visible to others, but it will be unique too. The worse thing you can do is to put your books in some tray. Books will always be a treasure and they deserve a place where everyone can see them.