Halloween-Makeup-I am addicted to you-444


My name is Tal Peleg. Art has been a tremendous part of my life for as long as I can recollect myself. I cherish representation, photography and makeup, and the eye-art is my method for mixing all of these interests together by using the eye as my canvas.

Makeup is an astounding type of art, and I utilize it with a specific end goal to make my eye tell a story. I don’t simply paint on the eye, yet attempt to utilize the eye’s state and its natural curves as a delineation’s feature in an imaginative manner.

Motivation is surrounding me, and I give my own particular interesting artistic interpretation utilizing makeup. It can be propelled by feelings, movies, fairy tales, animals, food, critical social matter and more. I make all the eye-art all alone eye, and I utilize for the most part eye-shadows, eyeliners and watercolors, and obviously €“ super tiny brushes. It takes hours of work, and lots of persistence, however I truly appreciate each snippet of the procedure!