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Check Out This Couple’s Ridiculously Cute Lego Love Story

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This Lego love story just set the new standards when it comes to lovely surprises, and we’re not sure should we love the guy or hate him.

Kevin Ulrich used the fun colorful little blocks to create a Lego love story, representing a miniature version of his own – and surprise his fiancé, Celina Frenn. So, if you were optimistically hoping you’d get through only with a good old bouquet of flowers – think again, or live hoping your significant other won’t see this story.


Check out this guy’s super amusing, adorable Lego love story!


The creative animator showed off his envy-worthy skills and expertise even further, by turning the Lego love story into a 73 seconds long video starting with Lego Kevin being dazzled by Lego Celina’s enthusiasm for Lord of the Rings and swords, right after he wowed not do date one of his coworkers.

The real-life Kevin and Celina met when she came to work as an intern in a media company where he worked. Celina’s dad was one of the company’s clients, and since Kevin didn’t get along with him all too well, he had a double reason not to ask her out. However, eventually, as he started to hang out with her more and as they bonded over their love for Harry Potter and Disneyland, he started to realize he would never again find another perfect girl like Celina and decided that, despite all the complications, she was worth all the risk and  effort. Today, they’re no longer coworkers, and he and her dad are good friends.

lego love story

The Lego love story video sums up the two years of the couple’s relationship, including many moments from real life, like the moment when he invited her out in a tree, their weekly adventures, and his proposal.

It took Kevin around 70 hours to create this masterpiece, together with all its special effects and overwhelming sweetness. Take a look!