Cooper Canyon Cocktail Bar

Cooper Canyon Cocktail Bar on the edge of a cliff- amazing

If you are an adventurer in heart and if you are passionate to explore all the incredible and unusual things, Cooper Canyon Cocktail Bar will soon be a perfect place for you! This magnificent architectural design is planned to be located on the edge of a cliff with a view of Basaseachic Falls in Mexico.

Basaseachic Falls is the second-highest waterfall in Mexico and they belong to the  Basaseachic Falls National Park in the Cooper Canyon region of the northwest Mexico, near Creel, Chihuahua. The waterfall is made by two streams merging in the high mountains of Sierra Madre Occidental and then falling down the canyon wall.

The Tall Arquitectos company is planning its designs for a bar right there, on the edge of a cliff with a view of a great canyon. The team is composed of three men: Lazaro Gutierrez Cortina Sainz, Leonardo Montero Tello, and Sebastian Gutierrez Cortina Sainz. They are famous for creating minimalistic structures that feature unusual geometry and sharp angles.

Although still in the form of design, this bar will certainly be an incredible architectural piece of art  once it is built.

Cooper Canyon Cocktail Bar – an amazing experience for all the visitors

This bar is imagined to be a tourist attraction as well. But only for the brave and for those who are not afraid of heights, since you can be a little bit dizzy simply by looking form this fantastic bar.

Nevertheless, the views will be fantastic and in all directions: from the upper deck you will experience stellar views of the canyon and incredible waterfall and you will also have straight-down perspective due to the glass floor.

The place is designed to have two levels. On the upper level, there will be a small swimming pool and an observation deck with tables.

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On the bottom floor, the team of architects plans to set up a bar with a wide offer of different drinks and with a glass floor! The tables will be set around the perimeter of the glass-tiled floor. Can you imagine yourself going to get a drink and looking into abyss underneath your feet! So scary!


Cooper Canyon Cocktail Bar!/zoom/lhgq1/dataItem-ihqokuwc

Even looking from the above gives me chills! This bar will not be a dream place for people who don’t like heights, that’s for sure!

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So, guys, what do you think of this incredible place? Would you visit it once it is done? I would, for sure!