Sportswear Trends

Check Out The Coolest Women’s Sportswear Trends For 2016

Women’s sportswear trends for this year are a proof that you can look super stylish and effortlessly cool even while sweating at the gym. So, if looking not stylishly enough was just another reason for your unused gym membership, it’s time to get to know the coolest women’s sportswear trends that will make you forget all the other reasons to avoid working out and make you hit the gym just so you can show off your clothes.

These are the hottest women’s sportswear trends you will fall in love with


1- Nike trainers – Air Max 2016

We can hardly imagine a better sports motivation than these super comfy running Nike shoes that come in such a trendy shape and so many exciting color combinations to choose from.


2- Nike and Riccardo Tisci collaboration

The active outwear giant teamed up with Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy’s Creative director, to create the most stunning clothes that made both our runway and sportswear wishes come true.


3- Nike pink, purple & orange tights

These awesome snazzy leggings are guaranteed to serve as a great addition to any of your workout outfits.


4- Roshes Nike

And if you’re looking for a pair of sneakers to fit with those cool leggings, check out these colorful sports shoes.


5- Nike 2 in 1 training tank top

If you prefer to stick with the simple design and the classic color black, this stylish top with a support is a great choice for you. What is more, this top is part of sportswear trends in 2016.


6- Nike track & field pink crop top

This cute sleeveless pink crop top is a must-have for every gym bunny who wants to show off her hard achieved abs.


7- Nike top

This simple top is guaranteed to not only inspire you for a workout but also motivate everyone around you.


8- Nike gym Pro Warm

Pick colorful and trendy for a joyful workout.