5 Places to Visit if You Want to Contribute to The World

Feeling like you want to  contribute to the world?

What is great about traveling is that you can visit so many great places and do so many things. Every single person can fulfill  their own taste. If you want to enjoy hot weather then you will visit some beach. If you like lower temperatures, you can go into the mountains. Or you can even decide to travel around the country on the bike, if you are enthusiastic about this kind of sport.

But did you ever think about the travel in a way where you can do something positive not just for your own pleasure yet for others too? Do you want to travel and contribute to the world?

If your answer is yes, we might give you some ideas.

Here is the list of places you can visit and contribute to the world:


1- Cabo Verde

The nation of this island located on the coast of Africa has women in a high private and public positions. What is more surprising is the fact that they celebrated its 3rd “Gay Pride Week”. Cabo Verde is home of  loggerhead turtles. Not only NGO but  environmentalists too have spent many years to protect turtles’ nesting grounds.


2- Dominica

It is the  Caribbean island and known by ocean protection. However lately the main focus is to protect whales.


3- Grenada

This Caribbean archipelago’s citizens  use nurseries in order to protect coral reefs. They also work on constitutional reform so as to improve the right of LGBT people.


4- Mongolia

Nearly 15% of the country is marked as protected. This country has huge awareness of gold mining, copper, coal’s impact and effect on the environment. 20% of population uses electricity generated from solar power. Mongolians are known by respecting their families and family members and Women’s day is for them national holiday.


5- Samoa

History of Samoa is known and marked as nation of domestic violence. However,  recently this Pacific nation commissioned first “State of Humans rights report”. The changes are already visible when it comes to domestic violence and rape inside marriage is now a crime. LGBT rights have also improved.

When it comes to environment, the country increased the  percentage of solar use.