contouring technique

Contouring technique for begginers

Hi, girls! We know how makeup is important for every girl, so we prepared for you one easy tutorial for contouring technique! Yes, you already know that this is quite popular. I don’t know a girl who is completely satisfied with the shape of her face, so this tutorial will be super useful  for every one of us.

Contouring technique – how to hide everything that you don’t like

Contouring is great if you want something to accentuate on your face and something to hide. Some girls just don’t like the shape of their nose, they maybe think it’s too wide. You can easily correct this using contouring and practically making a shadow. That will visually improve the look of your face.

The girls who are not satisfied with their jaw line can easily make it visually smaller with this technique. You have to remember, however, that we all have different face shapes so different contouring methods will be applicable for each one of us.

You will see in the tutorial a few useful tips for usual contouring lines and what’s the best of all, all the products in the tutorial are really affordable, so you don’t have to worry about that! For the foundation, she used L’Oreal True Match Foundation and the concealer from the same company – L’Oreal True Match concealer. Of course, according to your skin tone, you will pick the best nuances for you.

As you will see, we use concealer to highlight the zones that we want to put forward and to make this fine natural glow. We also use that if we want to conceal something (redness under your nose or any other imperfection that bothers you). For contouring, you can use Maybelline Fit me foundation “Toffee caramel”.

For all the tips and tricks look at this great tutorial! Be chic, be beautiful!