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Contouring: Choosing the Proper Colors is the Key


Before applying the foundation it is very important that you do color correcting, a step often forgotten. This is not to be confused with  clown contouring, rather it is a professional technique used to wipe away your dark circles and redness for a more blended complexion.


Color correcting cancels out the effect of blemishes and unevenness that is on the face. This serves as a base for smooth foundation application. If you have purplish-blue bags under your eyes, we would advise you to use a red or orange color to get rid of the darkness. To get the perfect red cheek look, all you have to do is apply a little bit green concealer. Hints of pale yellows and other such tones can be made vibrant with a little bit of purple or blue. Peach and yellow operate as instant brighteners for dull or dark shadows.


Though it may seem like a ton of extra work, when you see the end result, you will definitely think that each second spent color correcting was worth it. This method amends things that a normal foundation and concealer cannot hide. Shop the best.For your convenience, we included a couple of reasonably priced color-correcting palettes so that you can try the trend at home: NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer, Elf Corrective Concealer, Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette No. 5 and Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette,